Commerzbank AG is the provider of a number of benchmarks, which are referenced in a number of benchmark-linked products, such as notes, certificates and index-linked funds.

In compliance with the European Benchmark Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/1011), and to ensure ongoing, high-quality oversight and governance in respect of such benchmarks, this website provides information relating to Commerzbank AG’s benchmarks. This includes policies relating to change and cessation of benchmarks and errors in respect of benchmarks, information relating to input data in respect of the benchmarks and index descriptions, as well as the Benchmark Statement for each family of benchmarks.


  • Benchmark Material Change and Cessation Policy [View]
  • Factor Benchmark Material Change and Cessation Policy [View]
  • Complaints Process Information [View]
  • Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest in Relation to the Administration of Commerzbank Benchmarks to Users [View]
  • Error Policy [View]
  • Factor Indices Correction Policy [View]
  • List of Input Data [View]


  • Benchmark Compliance Statement [View]
  • Commodity Futures Indices Benchmark Statement [View]
  • Equity Indices Benchmark Statement [View]
  • Factor Indices Benchmark Statement [View]
  • Fixed Income Indices Benchmark Statement [View]
  • Multi-Asset Indices Benchmark Statement [View]
  • Mutual Funds Indices Benchmark Statement [View]




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